A psychiatric evaluation is completed for each new patient who begins treatment. This assessment is performed to gain insight into the individuals issues and used to formulate a plan of care. In general, this includes a comprehensive review of the present as well as past experiences.

There are times when the initial assessment may include contact with family, significant others, past and or present health care providers (with patient consent). Medical and or lab testings may also be obtained or discussed.

This initial evaluation usually is about 1 hour in length.


There are times when psychiatric medications can greatly reduce psychological distress and aid in maintaining emotional balance and wellbeing. Nurse Practitioner Hardgrove works with each patient individually in identifying the best medication choice for the presenting symptoms. She is proficient in all classes of psychotropic medications as well as herbal/ natural therapies. Her knowledge is continually updated regarding the latest evidence based practices and research.

Medication visits usually are about 30 minutes in length.


Often times emotional pain stems from unrecognized conflicts, viewpoints, and or behavioral patterns. People may often engage in nonconstructive ways of thinking and relating. People may also be unaware of their feelings, thoughts, and actions. Psychotherapy increases awareness so that well being is enhanced, symptoms are reduced, and relationships with self and others are strengthened. Nurse Practitioner Hardgrove has experience in a variety of psychotheraputic treatments and tailor each approach to individual patient need.

The office offers a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment so that feelings and thoughts can be fully explored.

Therapy visits are determined by the provider and will be assessed based on patient urgency and need.